How To Easily Detect Fake Bank Alerts

how to detect fake bank alerts

In our previous article, we gave you insights on How to recover your money after being scammed by an online vendor, Today we shall be diving deep into how to detect fake bank alerts easily.

The cashless policy was introduced in 2012 by the central bank of Nigeria to curb the excesses of cash handling in the county, since then transfers and mobile banking have been gaining daily transactions between people. Fraudsters have also hijacked this good trend to steal money and exploit people.


Information needed to send fake bank alert

For anyone to send you a fake bank alert two major things are required and there are:

  1. Phone number
  2. Account number

Phone number is inputted into the app used for this mischief and the alert is then sent to you. If somebody wants to send you money or pay for any goods or services, they don’t need to have your phone number connected with your bank. so watch out for this sign if possible have a different phone number that is not associated with your bank.

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Apps used to send fake bank alerts

The perpetrators of this act make use of certain apps and platform to enable them to carry out their operation successfully. The following are the app to send fake bank alerts in Nigeria.

  • Flash Fund App
  • Lofty SMS App
  • Money Prank Pro
  • Millionaire Fake Bank Account
  • Pro and fake alert maker for Android

How to detect fake bank Alerts

There are a lot of things to watch out for when you receive a bank alert. This allows you to spot fakes from the original.

  • They will ask for your account number which is not out of place and also ask for your phone number, which is out of place.  No one needs your phone number to send you money.
  • Your account balance will not be credited. The real bank alert will show you how much you had before the alert and after the alert.
  • Fake bank alerts will not contain your available balance so you can easily detect the fake alert. if your account balance does not reflect along with transfer payments done by your customers/buyers. Always Have a precise knowledge of how much was there before, and if it corresponds with the previous amount then you’re on track. A fake bank alert will never reflect in your account balance or statement.
  • Check out for misspellings.  Because they are in a hurry the SMS will lack credibility and professionalism.
  • when you receive a mail, check the email source and look out for the official email address of your bank.


“better use little time to check for red flags in that alert than the rest of your life regretting it”, with this I will round off this article on how to detect fake bank alerts in Nigeria. Tell us your experience with fake bank alerts in the comment box below.

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