7 Best Websites for Streaming and Downloading Anime

Best websites to download Anime

Anime (also known as Japanese-style animation) is a global subgenre of Television content. Being updated on the newest series from the anime world is very important in the life of an anime lover.In this article, we shall be going through 7 best websites for streaming anime. One can also use these websites to download anime.

With billions of viewers around the globe, the Anime industry is one of the mainstream genres getting a lot of attention. It has boomed in popularity with the rise in online streaming services.

7 Best websites to  Download Anime


Websites to download anime: ogbongetech.com

9anime is a loose anime streaming internet site that homes substituted and dubbed anime. The servers are fast and offer HD quality content on the go. On 9anime you won’t need to sign up before enjoying your treasured anime series even for accessing the free anime resources.


GoGo Anime.io is yet another  website to download 0anime. I allows users to stream and download Anime films seamlessly. GoGO Anime.io is constantly updated with the latest episodes from your favorite Anime series. It also has a dedicated chat room where you can interact with other anime lovers and make friends.

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ChiaAnime is another top anime streaming website online with a mobile-friendly interface that takes care of the category and has old and new dubbed anime series. The categorization makes navigation pretty smooth on the site and you’ll be able to find your desired anime content easily

Kiss anime.Ru

kissanime.ru offers a wide range of anime episodes, updated regularly. Kissanime.ru provides both dubbed and original anime clips. It is rumored to have the highest number of fans. The site offers high-definition video quality arranged category-wise with easy access and searching features.


Best websites to download anime

Hulu is a Walt Disney-owned subscription video-on-demand service. It’s one of the anime streaming sites offering different genres of anime in HD quality. Hulu is a paid platform that utilize subscription like Netflix.


Animeland is a free online English dubbed anime streaming site that doesn’t require you to register to watch or even download anime from the site. The site permits you to download anime and also watch it online.


Crunchyroll is one of the top anime streaming sites – legally. You can have a free account to keep track of your watch history. But to enjoy the wonderful selection of shows from subgenres like seinen, shojo, to shonen you’ll have to buy a premium membership.

Wrapping up

Here you have it the best seven websites to download anime in 2022. If you are an anime lover with these sites at your fingertips it is expected that you miss no episode of your favorite Anime

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