10 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps in 2022

best stock market stimulator

Investing in stock was a hectic thing year back as only the wealthy get involved in it due to the capital required and huge risk.  But thanks the invention of various stock market simulator apps has helped to reduce the capital required in investing in the stock market. This article is on the best stock market simulator app available to both android and IOS.

These simulator apps provide an experience to both beginners and experts to be more familiar with the stock market before risking their hard-earned money.

10 Best Market Simulator Apps

Here is the list of the 10 best market simulator apps that help to build your confidence and improve your trading technique.

1. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading
Stock Trainer review | TechRadar

A stock trainer is one of the best stock market simulator apps for both experts and beginners. As beginners, you learn the rudiment and fundamentals of the stock market with its real-life world market data. While for experts, you gain more experience and improve or devise a new trading strategy using the stock trainer.

Some features present in the stock trainer simulator app are stop loss and limit orders, portfolio and watch list management, stock charts dating back to 10 years, stock news, and others.
As a beginner in the stock market, it is ideal you learn and practice and as well gain knowledge about the newly listed stock you might be interested in, using virtual trading before investing your money. In essence, always test before investing.

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2. Best Broker: Stock Simulator

Brokers Stock Market

Best broker app doesn’t only work for real-time stocks but also on other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Peercoin, and even Dogecoin.

With a Best broker, you can trade over 50,000 real-time stocks which are updated every minute and this enhances your knowledge about the stock market.
You can also connect with other users and friends to exchange insider information about the capital market that will give you an edge in your stock investment.
Other tools such as limits and stop orders help you to get the best using this stock market simulator app.

3. Stock Exchange Game

Unlike other stock market simulator app that requires an internet connection, the Stock exchange game works both online and offline and its quotes are based on thousands of world events.
Stock exchange game is easy and free without registration and is well immersed with real data, making it difficult to just guess price fluctuation without precise analytical knowledge which will be gotten by regular practice using the Stock exchange game app.

4. Investing game- How to invest

Investing game app is ideal and suitable for beginners as it explains in detail everything about stocks that boost and build your confidence.
Aside from stock, you will also learn about the forex market, participate in exchange rates and analyze market signals and thus increasing your finance and savings.

5. Stock Investing Simulation

With the Stock Investing Simulation, you receive simple guides and strategies to trade the forex stock market quickly and easily and become a master as a financial market analyst.
Some of the stocks that are traded in the stock investing simulator are Gazprom, Severstal, Lukoil, Sberbank and other global companies’ stock.

Using the stock investing simulator, you enhance your knowledge of the stock market and as well test new strategies without risking or losing your real money.

6. TradeStation: Trade & Invest


TradeStation app enables you to trade stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and crypto.
Other trading features present in the TradeStation app enable you to track your positions, orders, and balance, earn interest, initiate transfers, and enjoy commission.

Several analytical tools such as graph candlestick, dozens of indicators, and automatic notifications on position opened, all at the palm of your hand.

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7. Rapunzl: Simulated Stock Investing

Rapunzl: Learn, Invest & Win With Simulated Stocks

Rapunzel organizes fantasy stock competitions giving you $10,000 to build a real-time stock portfolio. It gives you an opportunity to earn while learning to invest without any risk or hidden costs.

Rapunzel Investing App makes you a wall street investor taking charge of their personal finances without risking your simulated stock portfolio.
The app is perfect for beginners investors, part-time day traders, and full-time finance professionals.

8. Wall Street Magnate

Wall Street magnate uses the real-world financial information and current data from major US stock exchanges.
You can trade stock listed in the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX with $10,000 simulated cash.

Wall Street Magnate has been one of the best stock market simulator app uses the latest trading technology for buying and selling stock, gives financial news and enable instant messaging. It gives a real trading experience and best of all is that it is free to download and use.

9. StocktoTrade

The StocktoTrade simulating app is a stock charting platform created by several traders to help other upcoming and experienced traders in gaining more knowledge about the stock market.

The StocktoTrade has a wide range of research tools that provide profitable techniques intended to assist traders to be more efficient in their trading decision as financial markets analysts.

10. Ameritrade

best stock market simulator apps

Ameritrade is an IOS stock market simulator in operation for over 40 years which has helped in growing and improving the online trading experience for self-directed investors through its trading tools and software that are intuitive and innovative. It also provides educational webcast and lives chat broadcast that is simple and straightforward in teaching how to price investment products and services with insightful analysis and commentary. Being one of the oldest and largest stock market simulators having over 11 million clients with about 500,000 trades each day makes it possible to maintain its leadership position as one of the top-rated stock market simulators.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, these listed stock market apps are unique and work for both Android and IOS giving you a wide range of variety that works best for your devices. Trading is risky and hence having good knowledge before investing your hard-earned income is advisable so as to reduce the risk of losing all your money. If you have questions and contributions do drop them in the comment box.

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