Apps that can loan you money in 2022

Getting your payment days or weeks after working is disheartening, terrific, and self-limiting as you can’t go on shopping, pay up some of your bills such as electricity bills, rents, and others at the appropriate time. In this article we shall be taken you through the best same day loan apps, you can get the loan immediately if you meet the necessary requirement.

No more self-limitations and heartbreak as here are the list of 9 best same-day loan apps that can give you up to $250 to clear up your bills and also improve your business.


Viva Payday loans

best same day loan app

The Viva payday loans allow and enable easy application for loans with top lenders. You can receive about $100-$5,000 which is met to be paid back between 2 to 24 months with a little interest rate of 5.99% to 35.99%

This makes it easy to purchase or start the business of your choice with ease.

Though attractive and appealing, there are some criteria that must be met for you to be considered eligible to borrow money from the Viva payday loan app so as to prove your identity.

  1.  You must have a valid ID
  2. Must be 18years of age or older.
  3. Have an active bank account
  4.  Proof of your regular income
  5. Proof of your residential address.

Earnin App 

With the earnin app, you can access the money you have worked for before your payday, instead of waiting 2 weeks or more before your employer pays you. You can receive up to $100 per day and up to $500 per paycheck so that you can run your daily expenses, pay bills and rents. On payday, your account will be debited for the money you cashed out.

There are also some requirements needed to be eligible for the loans and other services provided by earnin app so as to prove your credibility and the surety of your loan refund.

  • These are the requirements:
    Your bank account must be connected to the app and ensure your debit card is added.
  • The employer that you get your paycheck from must be added to the earnin app
  • Your email must be verified
  • Bank account and hours worked must be verified.

Daily pay



The daily pay loan app has made it easy to access your earned wages before payday so as to meet up with your financial goal. Unlike other loan apps, daily pay allows you to transfer your money where you want it, be it a bank account, debit card, prepaid card, or pay card.
Apart from accessing funds easily, daily pay has secured encryption using the 256bit level.


Empower is a financial technology company based in San Francisco that provides a series of financial services ranging from loans, savings, etc

The most interesting thing about their loans or cash advances which range from $25 to $250 is that they give it out without interest rate or late fees charge.

Other important benefits include ease of tracking all your financial transactions, the ability to implement workable budgets, and also building up your savings through the autosave feature.

To explore and benefit from the variety of potentials embedded in the empower app, you must have an account with them which demands some requirements such as:

a) You must be 18 years old or older
b) Hold a bank account at any US financial institution
c) Must have a mobile phone number that can operate in the US and can also receive SMS.

Brigit App



To use the brigit app for the loan, you must reach the brigit score of at least 70 or higher on a scale of 100 to qualify which entails your income and transaction history.

The most unique benefit of the brigit loan app is the ability to transfer money into your account when it is close to overdrawing, thus enabling you to avoid overdraft fees.
No interest rate on a loan is given but a membership fee of about $9.99 must be paid monthly.

 Money Lion App

The money lion app doesn’t just enable you to get a loan but to invest and grow your income.

The loan gotten from the money lion has a minimum and a maximum term of 12 months with no penalty for early payoff so that you can pay off your loan without stress.
Not all states in the US can access this loan and different states have their own interest rate caps due to legal requirements.

Dave- Banking for Humans

Has a strategic financial tool that will help to improve and give you the desired financial breakthrough. You can get a cash advance or a loan of about $250 to cover your daily expenses, search for local side hustles, and other great tools with no overdraft fees or credit checks.

Other interesting benefits you can derive from the Dave app are easy access to communication and help when encountering any issue, free access to $100 per year. There is also free access to 30,000 fee-free ATMs with money pass and other benefits.

Pay Activ

Pay Activ gives you a loan based on your earnings. You receive access to your wages earned from your hours of working directly into your bank account or pay activ card which makes it easier to pay up your bills, get a ride, and settle other expenses.

You also receive tips and guidelines on savings and spendings to keep track of your goals. There is also the ability to receive and send funds to other members of pay activ through their account number or phone number making it easy to send funds out of your balance. It functions as a bank.

Chime- Mobile bank

The Chime mobile app enables you to access an overdraft of more than $200 with no fees.

Unlike other loan apps that charge a monthly fee, Chime doesn’t charge monthly and your money is safe with their two-factor authentication, touch ID, or face ID that makes it difficult for strangers to access your funds easily from your phone.

You will also get your paycheck 2 days earlier than when using the traditional banks. The most important benefit of the Chime mobile app is the ability to transfer money freely to your family, roommates, and friends.


Conclusively, all the listed apps provide their various unique financial aid and service ranging from the loan, tracking of financial transactions, and also assist you in implementing workable budgets that improve your savings and Grant you the desired financial breakthrough. The majority of the apps can only be accessible in first world countries like the US and the United kingdom.

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