Best 10 Website to Download Movie Subtitles For Free 2022

Best Website to Download Movie Subtitles For Free

Subtitles make movies more interesting especially when you are watching a movie in a foreign language so today we decided to cover best  Website to Download Movie Subtitles For Free. Subtitles help us understand movies more and it can also be a way of learning a new language.

Most of the time subtitles come in handy when actors have a difficult accent or when the background music is too high.

Now let see all of the sites to get movie subtitles one by one and see what each site on the list has to offer. Definitely, you don’t wanna miss any of these sites and get your movie subtitles.

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#1. TVsubs

This is the first site on the list of sites to download series and TV shows and movie subtitles for free. There are over four thousand subtitles of different TV shows and series. Subtitles downloaded from this website are saved as zip files so you must unpack them after successfully downloading them before you can use them on your movies.

#2. Movie Subtitle

This website has a lot of movie subtitles that include even old Hollywood movies. It is one of the best websites to download English subtitles for movies. There are a ton of subtitles on this website and you can use the search navigations on the site to search for a particular movie subtitle. This has to be on the list for the best website to download subtitles.


This website also has a search bar that allows you to look for a particular movie subtitle. What I like most about this site is the interface very quick and responsive. There are a lot of movie subtitles on this site as well.

#4. Subscene

This is one of the best sites to get movie subtitles for free. It has the unique feature of allowing you to request subtitles that are not available on the website. There are lots of movie subtitles from all across the world and this is because the main contributors are users from all across the world. You need to try this website in case you find it difficult to search for particular movie subtitles.

#5. OpenSubtitles

Another great website to look for movie subtitles this website is available in multiple languages making it more powerful. There is a search bar on the website that is very useful and advanced. This website has a collection of subtitles from different countries of the world. This list will be incomplete without mentioning opensubtitles. The site is one sure website to download Bollywood movies with English subtitles

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#6. DownSub

Downsub is a little bit different but easy to use. This website allows you to remove subtitles from online videos. If you find any subtitle on a YouTube video or any other online video streaming website all you have to do is to copy the URL of the video and paste it on and extract the file of the subtitle. It’s that simple to use.


This site has a large collection of movie subtitles in different languages. Preferably it is better if you use the search bar because there are many collections of subtitles on the site. The interface is lovely and it makes the website is quick and responsive making it worth visiting.

#8. Isubtitles

This website has a lot of subtitles of movies from all around the world. Subtitles here are available in various languages. You can download all the subtitles on this website for free.

#9. YIFY

YIFY is another top-tier site for downloading English subtitles for movies. The website is well organized and you can search for movies according to languages and genres. There is a large collection of subtitles here and you can customize your favorite languages in the bar at the top of the website.

#10. English Subtitles

There is a vast collection of both new and old movie subtitles on this website. The newest subtitles on the website appear first if you open the website but you can search across the website for different movie subtitles.

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