5 Best Educational Apps in 2022

best educational apps

Are you currently in the search for educational apps/platforms to download on your device? In today’s post, we will walk you through the five best applications popular among students and professionals.

These apps help you learn foreign languages, Grammer, and mathematics. some also assist in project management.

5 Best Educational Apps – Android & iOS

Grammarly – An Ideal Tool For Writers

Grammarly is an application with an advanced algorithm to help you improve your writing skills by catching big and minor errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and even style in real-time. The premium version of the app also offers a plagiarism checker, ton adjustment features, and expert suggestions so that you can take your writing to the next level without any stress. Whether you are a student or a professional in the field, this cloud-based writing assistant is undoubtedly worth every penny!

This is also a great platform that bridges the gap between language learning and technology since it does not only give you red flags, but Grammarly also provides a detailed explanation on why a specific part of the text is incorrect. For this reason, this can significantly improve your knowledge of grammatical structures and word choice.

Notion – An Exquisite App For Natural-Born Project Managers

best educational apps

Thinking of Marie Kondo-ing your life and creating daily lists in just one app? If only one thing can provide you clarity and boost your productivity, then that would be no other than Notion. The Notion is an application that offers a unique system where users can create their databases, notes, kanban boards, calendar, and even wikis. This means that it can be used both for data management and note-taking for all the platforms you are using, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

If you are looking for collaboration tools, Notion is also a good fit since you can create your boards and invite other people to edit or use the workspace. You are also free to develop your wikis to foster community-building among your peers and other Notion users.

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Ling App – A Perfect Platform For Language Enthusiasts 

best educational app

There is no denying that language learning and technology play an essential role in today’s globalized world. Recent news and reports show that having mastery of an in-demand foreign language can significantly set you apart from the rest and may even help you land high-paying positions. Luckily, you no longer need to worry about signing up with expensive language courses or purchasing textbooks for your target language. Today, you can install and make use of free language learning apps. This is one of the Educational

Among all the available language learning platforms, the Ling App by Simya Solutions proves to be the ideal companion for learners of all levels. This free app provides comprehensive lessons for over 60+ foreign languages, including those not covered by other leading apps. In addition, Ling App has a unique gamified feature that allows users to pick up new words, phrases, and expressions that will genuinely help you converse confidently with native speakers in an instant.

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Photomath – A Faultless App For Learning Math

No matter how many people you ask, math will always be considered one of the most challenging subjects in school, even to this day. Back then, students rely solely on manually solving problems and computing every digit. Today, you can simply install Photomath on your smartphone and take a picture of the question to have instant instructions on how to derive the answer.

This unique app created by Microblink uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read any equation and calculate the answers instantly. What makes this truly interesting is that it does not only support basic arithmetics but can even help out in terms of logarithmic functions.

Simple Mind – A Classic Tool For Mind Mapping Fans

best educational apps

If you are interested in organizing your thoughts visually, then using virtual mind maps is a solid choice. Mind mapping has always been considered one of the most effective techniques in note-taking, as it helps you keep track of your thoughts by merely using keywords and associations.

Thanks to the intuitive design of Simple Mind, users can easily create multiple mind maps based on different themes and add images, voice recordings, memos, and words to make the whole map even more complete. Another major advantage of this app is that it works on various platforms! So whether you are on Mac, Android, iOS, or Windows, you can easily download and use it right away.


This is all we can take on this article on the best educational apps for both android and iOS users, let us know your favourite and the app you think should be included in this list let us know in the comment section.



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