How to Avoid MTN SIM Swap Fraud

MTN SIM swap fraud

SIM swap is a process where an old number is assigned to a new SIM card if its SIM card is damaged or stolen. It is sometimes called SIM/Line retrieval in many parts of Nigeria.

Fraudsters have taken advantage of the swap technology to carry out illegal activities which are popularly called SIM swap Fraud. In this article, we shall be going through everything you need to know about MTN SIM swap fraud and what you need to do if it occurs.

SIM swap fraud or SIM card hijack involves the use of social engineering techniques to take control of your SIM card.

Once the fraudster swaps the SIM, identity theft becomes relatively easy because the number is usually connected to bank, email, and social media accounts.

Fraudsters with this SIM could then log into these accounts to initiate and intercept confirmation codes texted to your device.
Once inside, the fraudster can access and drain the subscriber’s bank accounts, purchase airtime, take loans, and access email contacts to scam friends and family.

The subscriber will notice that they have lost service on the mobile phone and eventually discover they cannot login to their bank accounts or social media accounts.

How to protect yourself from SIM Swap attack

Here are some precautions to take in order to avoid falling victim to SIM swap fraud:

  • Never disclose banking or other online passwords or personal identification numbers (PIN) to anyone, including individuals claiming to represent MTN or your bank e.g. BVN, ATM PIN.
  • Keep your device software updated, including your browser, antivirus and operating system.
  • Limit the personal information you share online.
  • Do not reply to calls, emails, or text messages that request personal information.
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on social media accounts.
  • Frequently check your financial statements.
  • Never open suspicious links or attachments received by email or text message.
  • Use a separate email address for your online banking account and financial transactions from your social media accounts.
  • Update your passwords regularly.
  • Use strong passwords and security questions.
  • Do not keep passwords or personally identifiable information in your email inbox.
  • Set up your own PIN to restrict access to the SIM card.
  • Do not share this PIN with anyone. Use a unique number that cannot be easily determined (that means do not use your Date of Birth, your anniversary, etc.).

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Signs of SIM Swap Fraud

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact your telecoms operator immediately if:

  • You lose service on your device or you cannot receive calls or texts when reception is clearly present
  • You are suddenly locked out of your phone’s online account— A SIM swap may be the cause.
  • One begin to receive floods of calls and messages. This tactic runs parallel to the extended loss of signal. Fraudsters will send a flurry of nuisance calls and/or messages to get victims to turn their phone off.

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How to Report Fraudulent SIM swap to MTN

There are fours ways to report fraudulent sim swap on MTN

Customer care

  • From an MTN line: 180
  •  Calling from other networks: 08031000180
  • From outside the country: +2348031000180

Via Email

you can send an email to

Visit the nearest MTN store

If you have experience SIM swap fraud you can visit the nearest MTN store in your city.

Social media


If you have experienced this MTN  SIM Swap fraud then report immediately as MTN  will fix it. For those of us that haven’t then follow all necessary ways to protect your SIM.  Feel free to drop your contributions and questions in the comment section.

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