Airtel Unlimited Ultra Plans and Prices in 2022

Airtel Unlimited Ultra plan

Airtel has unveiled an unlimited plan designed for modems, routers,s and mifi to offer 4G speedy internet service wherever there is a 4G network. Today We shall be going through everything you need to know on the Airtel Unlimited Ultra plan.

These plans will offer telecom consumers the freedom to do more and become more productive without worrying about data speed reduction and utilization.

The  Ultra plans are available to pre-paid and post-paid customers and exclusively available to Airtel Routers, Mifi’s users.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Ultra Plans

There are 3  ways you can subscribe to this unlimited plan

  • You can visit an airtel store close to you.
  • Or dial *370# on your phone to activate it at your convenience.
  • From your browser, you can visit and purchase directly.

Note: This is not available in areas where there is no 4G network.

Airtel Unlimited Ultra plans

This plan comes with four distinct packages to choose from which come with unlimited data, uncapped speed, and applicable Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

Unlimited Weekly plan.

  • Price: 5000
  • FUP: 30GB
  • Daily Bonus: 1GB
  • Validity period: 7 days

Unlimited Light  Plan

  • Price: 15000
  • FUP: 120GB
  • Daily Bonus: 5GB
  • Validity period: 30 days

Unlimited Standard Plan

  • Price: 20000
  • FUP: 200GB
  • Daily Bonus: 10GB
  • Validity period: 30 days

Unlimited Diamond Plan

  • Price: 30000
  • FUP: 300GB
  • Daily Bonus: 10GB
  • Validity period: 30 days

Unlimited  Platinum  Plan

  • Price: 60000
  • FUP: 550GB
  • Daily Bonus: 10GB
  • Validity period: 30 days


Wrapping up

From my own point of view the Airtel unlimited Ultra plan is the best data plan for users that consumes large volume of data and even small scale Enterprises. If you have questions on this topic let us know in the comment section.

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