7 Best Lightweight Android Web Browsers of 2022

Best lightweight web android browser

Are you tired of spending more than your budget every month on data subscriptions? Then you need a lightweight browser.In this post, we will be looking at the best lightweight browser that you can install on your device even if you don’t have enough space on your Android phone.

Lightweight browsers consume low RAM, as they generally compress the page and remove all unnecessary scripts which may drain the data, battery and thus reducing data consumption and increase the browsing speed. Lightweight browsers are those types of Android browsers that Consume low data and power.

1. FOSS Browser

FOSS Browser is an open-source Android app that is based on WebView. The browser features a tab preview, search bar, and entire navigation controls at the bottom of the screen making it the best one-handed browser ever. Its homepage is where you will see links to your bookmarks, history, save links, and also saved login data. When you are on a page and tap on the Overflow Menu, you will see a Share button that you can use to share a screenshot, PDF, or link.

You can also save them on your device. One interesting part about this browser is that it gives you full control. You can use the Overflow Menu button to open the Fast Toggle dialog menu. You can easily enable or disable cookies, location, JavaScript, images, and some other features on any site. One of the reasons this Foss Browser made this list is that it has just 9MB of space and also comes with some and built-in security controls.

Download Foss Browser

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2. Hermit

Hermit is a nice browser that allows you to create lite apps from websites you visit frequently. It has a rich library of ready-made lite apps, with pre-configured settings. You can easily install any app when you tap on it. If you don’t see the lite app you’re looking for, you can type the URL of a site and Hermit will then turn it into an app on the home screen.

If you create a shortcut to a website with Chrome, it will function as a browser tab. In the Hermit, the lite app appears just like normal apps in its browser and you can also customize those apps with different settings for each. For example, you can set one app to desktop mode, and set the other in a default mobile mode. You can also block images for specific lite apps and set custom themes.

Hermit also supports notifications for RSS feeds, and it allows you to bookmark a particular section of a site. It has a night mode and reading mode and many more. If you have an older Android phone, then this app will be your best bet.

Download Hermit

3. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser comes with a WebView component built on top of Chromium. This is also a lightweight app that comes with a built-in download manager that you can use to save videos online and play them without the use of a third-party video player app. After installing the app, you will see the homepage filled up with the latest news update based on your location, and most visited pages.

One of the little issues that many people face is notification ads. However, you can easily turn this off when you tap Manage Homepage and then toggle off all the options. Further, there are some interesting tricks on the browser that you can easily access when you tap on the Hamburger Menu, then Toolbox. You can turn on the Private Space to keep the browsing history and downloaded videos in a different database.

Download Phoenix Browser

4. Lynket Browser

Lynket Browser one of the Best lightweight browsers  that is loaded with built-in Chrome Custom Tabs protocol. This way, when you open a link, the web page will slide over the app you are using. This allows you to multitask or stack multiple links in floating bubbles in the background. Lynket also provides users with unique customization options. For example, it lets you choose the toolbar color dynamically, you can read articles without any distraction, and it makes use of Google AMP support for easy loading of pages.

Those still using an old Android phone will enjoy this browser as it will give you the best-customized browsing experience without slowing down your device.

Download Lynket Browser

5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a popular lightweight browser designed to work with midrange smartphones. It has a night theme, a smart download feature with intelligent mobile data detection, an incognito mode, and also a dedicated VPN that you can use to change your location and remain anonymous while browsing the internet.

Its data saving feature supports multiple modes. You can access it when you tap on the Opera Mini button and then tap on the Settings > Data Savings. It will display a graph of the data you’ve saved over the last week.

When it comes to saving data, opera mini allows you to choose between Extreme and High compression modes. The High Compression mode will crunch the web page and push a lighter version to your device while the Extreme Compression is too aggressive and may break the web page.

Download Opera Mini

6. Monument Browser

Monument Browser makes use of Chromium WebView. This browser is secure, fast, and has a nice user interface designed to give you the best possible experience while browsing the internet. To open the settings, tap the Overflow Menu, then the Settings button. On the settings, you can choose to move the search bar from top to bottom, you can change the user agent, and can also swap the search engine.

It has a night mode and reading mode which can change fonts and listen to the article. It lets you take a screenshot of a web page and then download it as a PDF. Monument Browser has built-in support for downloading videos, audio, and entire web pages so that you can enjoy them offline.

Download Monument Browser

7. UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is  one of the best lightweight browsers with  with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. The browser will give you the best browsing experience ever especially for those that love downloading movies. It blocks some ads and comes with some ads which is one of its setbacks. However, you can easily use the browser to download large files since it’s fast and lightweight as well.

Download UC Mini


Here you have the best lightweight browsers for Android, it’s now left for you to choose the one that best suits your phone and requirement.

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