How To Recover Your Money After Been Scammed on Cryptocurrency

how to recover your money after been scammed on cryptocurrency p2p

Have you been scammed on cryptocurrency P2P platform and you are looking for how to go about it then you are on the right page. As I will be taken you through how to recover your money after been scammed on cryptocurrency P2P platform in any exchange.

After the Ban on cryptocurrency by Nigeria central bank, cryptocurrency  exchanges introduced peer-to-peer method  commonly called P2P for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.

The peer-to-peer platform commonly called P2P allows you to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with your local currency at 0 fees. The seller indicates the amount and rate of any cryptocurrency he wants to sell So buyers can patronize, but in this method the buyer first sends the money to the seller or vendor bank account goes back to the exchange and approve that payment have been done then the sellers sends the crypto to the sellers p2p  wallet.

A lot of people have been scammed on the p2p and do not know how to go about it because exchanges do not really take responsibility for scammed transactions as they provide a whole lot of terms and conditions which buyers must agree to.

How To Recover Your Money After Been Scammed On Cryptocurrency P2P Platform

If you have been scammed I have good news for you as you can get your money back although it won’t be as easy as I have outlined it here because of firstly the Ban and secondly  the nonchalant attitude of Bankers especially if you are not ready to give someone a backhander.

  1.  Endeavour you have the account name, account number and bank of the vendor.
  2. Print of the receipt of payment from your bank app or statement of account.
  3. Visit the vendors Bank and go to the customer care service.
  4. Lay your complain with all necessary proof of payment
  5. The vendors  account will be checked and if your transaction is confirmed the bank will block the vendor account and then put a call across to the vendor to come in person to rectify issues with his bank On a specific date.

The Bank will usually contact the police or ask you to do so and  will demand your presence on the fixed dated which was agreed. If the Vendor visits the bank then the law enforcement agency would apprehend him. After the necessary procedures you will get your money back.

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How to Spot A Reliable Vendor On Binance P2P Exchange

Before we wrap up I would like to give us some tips on ways to spot reliable P2P vendor on Binance

  • Firstly, Check if the vendor is fully verified with the yellow tick sign
  • Secondly, endeavor that the vendor have a completion rate of 90% and above.
  • Thirdly, Ensure that the number of completed trade is above 5000.

I will advice you should not really be considered about rate because reliable vendors usually sell at slightly higher rate when compared to scammers.

DISCLAIMER: OGBONGETECH will not be held responsible even after you follow the above tips and you get scammed.


This is where we draw the curtain on today’s article on how to get your back after been scammed on cryptocurrency P2P exchange. I would always advice you to be extremely careful in Peer-to-peer transactions to avoid searching for medication after death. question and contributions will be received with warm heart feel free to drop yours in the comment section.

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