10 Best Car Racing Games For Android phones

best car racing games for Android phones

Car racing game is one of the best android games that many people use to keep themselves busy. There are many of them on the Google Playstore but not all is good. With this in mind, today we will be listing the best car racing games for Android phones that you can download on your device and enjoy.

Best car racing games for Android phones

VVVAsphalt 9

You surely have this coming. Well, the Asphalt 9 is one of the best car racing games of all time. The game is built with high on graphics, and it has over 300+ licensed vehicles and 75+ tracks. Further, it features some career mode that is pretty addictive, and the visuals will keep you engaged throughout the gameplay.

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2. Real Racing 3

best car racing games for Android phones
Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is another car racing game that is known for its stunning HD graphics and textures. The game has more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. So as you can see, this is one of the best car racing games for Android. It features 40+ licensed tracks located in 19 real-world locations. There is also 43 different car grids and over 250 meticulously detailed sports car.

3. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing

This is another addictive and entertaining physics-based driving game ever made. The game is free to play but the player will face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments with many different cars. You will gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach higher distances.

4.Need For Speed No Limits

Need For Speed No Limits
Need For Speed No Limits

Need For Speed No Limits is a top-rated Android car racing game available on the Google Play Store. The game is developed by the same team that works on popular Real Racing 3. This car racing game comes with nice HD graphics. You can win your races, up to your rep, customize/upgrade your cars and it also offers you lots of race tracks and real-world cars to play with.

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5. CSR Racing

Csr Racing
Csr Racing

CSR Racing is a drag race game in the city streets, featuring over 100 licensed cars, stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and intense online player vs player competition. It features a quick race and you can strap yourself in for a grand tour to the top of the leaderboards.

6. Horizon Chase – World Tour

Horizon Chase - Thrilling Arcade Racing Game - Apps on Google Play

Horizon Chase – World Tour

Horizon Chase – World Tour is a unique and most addictive car racing game you will ever play on Android. This game is inspired by the great hits of the ’80s and 90’S. It features the graphic context of the 16-bit generation. If you are a retro racing gamer, then you don’t want to miss this game.

7. Need for Drift: most wanted

Need For Drift Most Wanted

Need For Drift Most Wanted

Need for Drift is a very underrated racing game. This game is available for free on Google Play Store and it features 100 tracks and 30 supercharged cars to test your driving skills. It has nice visuals, gameplay mechanisms and everything looks good. The little downside is that there is no multiplayer mode support.


8. Offroad Legends 2

Offroad Legends 2

Offroad Legends 2 is a popular game because of its cutting-edge graphics, unique physics, and amazing cars. This racing game features 16 detailed vehicles and more than 64 amazing off-road tracks to race on. Some of its cars to select from includes Monster trucks driving in a desert.

9. Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme may not be that popular in the Asphalt series, however, it’s still one of the best to play. It has impressive visuals and a gameplay mechanism. It also offers over 50 monster machines to feed your passion for fast wheels and muscle cars. The game has a real-time multiplayer mode that allows you to race against your friends.

10. Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2 is an authentic rally simulation game that you can play on your device with an astounding 60fps. This game’s popularity is a result of its Console quality This premium game costs just $1 and there is no in-app purchase after that. You can even connect your Facebook or Google Play Games account and race against your friends on Rush Rally 2.

ConclusionThat all we can take on the  best car racing games for Android phones. Tell us your favourite car racing  game in the comment box below.

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