How to recover your money after being scammed by an online vendor

How to recover your money after being scammed

The rate of online vendors have drastically increased  in nigeria especially on social media. Online scammers have been this increase as a means of defruading innocent people. So Today we  shall be going through steps on  how to recover your money after been scammed by an online vendor.

Online shopping scams involve fraudsters pretending to be legitimate online sellers, either with a fake website or a fake social media account. While many online sellers are legitimate, scammers use the anonymous nature of the internet to rip off unsuspecting shoppers. They open these online stores for a short time, often selling fake branded clothing or jewelry pictures stolen from other pages or the internet. They typically sell at much lower prices than the normal prices sold by other legitimate sellers to lure unsuspecting victims. After making a number of sales, the stores disappear. i

How to recover your money after being scammed

here are steps on how you can get your money back:

  • Take a screenshot of the conversation you had with the online vendor on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).
  • Copy out the full name and account details of the vendor who scammed you.
  • If you made the transfer via your mobile app or SMS, go to your transaction history and copy out the “Transaction ID Number” of that transaction.
  • All banks have a team in charge of online fraud. Send an email to your bank’s E-fraud team as well as the online scammer’s bank, with proof of the transactions and forward a copy of the mail to CBN FRAUD DESK. This will help the bank to place the scammers account on hold.
  • With this, the scammer will not be able to carry out any transaction until they visit the bank.
  •  If you don’t have their email address, you can walk into your bank or the scammer’s bank, and speak to the customer service in charge of fraud to file a complaint.
  • Your bank will direct you on the steps to recover your money.
  • Report to the police and also speak to a lawyer to file an expert court order. With a court order, the bank will release the information of your scammer to the police to help track them and recover your money.

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  • You can look out for reviews on the page before shopping.
  • Avoid vendors that have a no-refund policy.
  • Scammers also defraud people online through giveaways on their pages that ask you to send money before getting the item that you won. Avoid such giveaways.

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Although the steps on How to recover your money after being scammed by an online vendor are very much practical. I would advice us to verify social media accounts before paying for any goods or service. One can also go for the option of pay on delivery for goods and product.

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  1. This is my story…I lost my savings, more trust in bad people. I wanted to increase savings and the company invested its savings. I used the obedience of this I’m glad I found them, because they helped me get my money back. now I will be careful


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