How to lift ban on telegram

hoe to lift ban on telegram

Telegram is a social media platform for instant messaging, voice/video calling, media file sharing. in this article we shall be giving you simple ways to lift ban on telegram if you have been punished for spamming.

Like other instant messaging app telegram is not excepted from spam issues, however telegram have provided strict measures to avoid spamming by banning any account reported for spam.

what is telegram ban?

A telegram  ban happens  when a user taps the report spam button in a chat , messages goo straight to the moderators. if  the  moderator confirms that the messages are really spam then the account will be  temporarily limited.  Spamming is  when  a user send messages to stangers or posting  same message in discriminately to various groups.

Effect of temporarily limitation on my telegram   account 

  • limited account can only send messages to saved contacts.
  • banned account can  reply to those who send messages first.
  • messages to groups are restricted.

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Duration of telegram ban 

The Duration of the ban/limitation depend on the number of messages that caused the limitation.  if the limitation was caused by two or three messages, the ban can be suspended after 2 or 3 days. if  the ban was cause by spamming a group the penalty can last for a few weeks.

how to lift telegram ban

if you are ban it is advisable you wait for the end of ban duration.i f you cant wait for this time then there is a way to bye-pass the system. here are steps to lift the ban

  1. Visit telegram official exclusion website
  2. Enter your number and get a confirmation code on telegram not SMS
  3. Enter  the sent code, the account has been deleted.
  4. open telegram on your smartphone and create new account with the same number
  5. join the group and send messages


There you have it a complete guide on how to lift ban on telegram i hope this article have been very resourceful to you feel free to drop your contributions and questions in the comment box. Dont hesitate to share this useful article to your friend and family.

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