Glo Beep call service – Here is everything you need to know

Glo Beep call service

Just like MTN Beep service, Globacom  introduces a special service that allows you to flash your love ones without airtime on your line. In this article we shall be going through everything you need to know about Glo Beep call  Service.

Glo Beep Call Service enables Glo subscribers with low or zero airtime balance to reach out to a selected number across all networks as they may require.

All Glo customers who have run out of airtime or have insufficient airtime balance to make a call can use this service.

How does Glo Beep call works?

Subscribers will simply call their contacts with low or zero balance, the network will leave a “missed call” on the called number, requesting them to call back and the called party will see a missed call and be prompted to return the call.

Who is eligible for the Glo Beep?

The service will apply both to on-net and off-net calls that is Glo to Glo Calls and Glo to other local networks.

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Charges for Glo Beep 

Customers will not be charged for using the Glo Beep call service. It is completely free.

How many beep calls can I make a day?

As at the time of writing this article Globacom haven’t released a specific limit to the number of beep  calls you can make a day so we can say it is unlimited for now.

That’s all for now on Glo beep call service. Tell us how this article have been resourceful to you in the comment box below.

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