How to stop Auto renewal on Airtel

How to stop Auto renewal on Airtel

Airtel Nigeria popularly known as the smartphone network is one of the four majors telecommunication company in Nigeria. Like other telecommunications company data  auto renewal is applicable  to the Airtel network. In this article we shall be going through how to stop Auto renewal on Airtel.

Auto renewal is the process whereby your data plan is  automatically re-subscribed when it get exhausted. Data auto renewal is sometimes very annoying especially when you do not intend to subscribe for that data plan at the moment or you want to move to another plan.

How to cancel auto renewal on Airtel 2021

To stop Auto renewal simply

  • Text ‘STOP’ to 141. or
  • Text  “STOPAUTORENEW” to 440.
  • You will get a message from Airtel that your request have been successful.

Via Airtel customer care

You can also cancel auto renewal by calling Airtel customer care line in Nigeria. Just Dial 111 follow the prompt and stop the auto renewal.

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This is where we conclude today’s article on how to stop Auto renewal on Airtel. We hope this have been very resourceful and you don’t need to struggle with auto renewal issues again.

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