List of All Bank Transfer Codes in Nigeria 2022

All Bank transfer codes in Nigeria

Banking today have gone beyond bank buildings, banking halls and staff. Customers can now carry out transaction from their home using bank transfer codes without internet connection. In this article we shall be looking at all Nigeria  bank transfer codes.

Bank transfer code is a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way to access your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your mobile phone without internet data  Using USSD.

Most commercial banks in Nigeria if not all have provided USSD codes to help customers perform many transaction there by making sending and receiving  easy and also reducing the population of customers in banking halls.

Benefits of bank transfer codes

Here are a few things you can do with bank transfer codes.

  • Top up your mobile airtime
  • Top-up other mobile phones
  • Checking bank balance
  • Money transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Reset Pin
  • Buy data

All Nigeria Bank Transfer codes

I have provided a table showing all banks and their various Transfer codes

Nigeria BanksTransfer Code
Access Bank *901#
UBA Transfer code *919#
Stabic IBTC Bank Transfer code *909#
Sterling Bank transfer code *822#
Fidelity Bank transfer code *770#
First Bank transfer code *894#
FCMB bank transfer code*329#
Polaris Bank transfer code *833#
GT Bank*737#
Eco bank *326#
Zenith Bank transfer code *966#
Wema Bank tranfer Code*945#
Unity Bank Transfer code *779#
Heritage Bank *745#

Access USSD Banking

The official Access bank USSD banking code for the transfer of funds, is *901#, we have provided other codes to make your transactions easier and less time consuming

  • Airtime for self: *901*Amount#
  • Airtime for others: *901*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Account Opening: *901*0#
  • Data Purchase: *901*8#
  • Balance Enquiry: *901*5#
  • Fund Transfer to Access Bank: *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • Fund Transfer to Other Banks: *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • Merchant Payment: *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
  • Bill Payment: *901*3#
  • OTP Generation: *901*4*1#

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Sterling Bank USSD Code

Sterling Bank USSD code is *822#. You can use this code to buy airtime, pay bills, and even transfer money from bank to bank.

  •  Buy airtime self: *822*AMOUNT#
  • Buy airtime for others: *822*AMOUNT*MOBILE NO#
  • Sterling bank within transfer: *822*4*AMOUNT*NUBAN#
  • Sterling bank to other: *822*5*AMOUNT*NUBAN#.
  • Check account balance: *822*6#
  • Check account number: *822*8#
  • Open account: *822*7#
  • . To reset Pin: *822*9#

First bank transfer code

The official  code for first bank transfer is *894# however there are other sub codes that will make your transactions faster. We have listed those  sub codes here:

  • To register: *894*0#
  • Airtime recharge: *894*Amount#
  • Airtime for others: *894*Amount*Number#
  •  To transfer: *894*Amount*Account number#
  • To check airtime: *894*00#
  • Mini-statement: *894*Account number#

FCMB USSD bank transfer code

The official FCMB USSD bank transfer code is *329#, and it can be used to complete a lot of bank are some quick codes for FCMB USSD BANKING

  • Dail *329*Amount# to top-up your mobile phone.
  • *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up other mobile phones.
  •  *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.
  • *329*00# to check balance.
  •  *329*0# to reset your pin.
  • *329*1*Mobile Number# to buy data on your phone.
  • Dial *329*2*Smartcard Number# to pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription.

Polaris Bank transfer code

Polaris Bank transfer code which is also know as smart code is *833#. With smart code you can buy airtime,  Data  and transfer money to other banks. To commence using the Polaris (Skye) Bank Money Transfer Code, you need to register or sign-up first by dialing the above code first.

  • Open an Account (*833*1#)
  •  Pay Bills (*833*2#)
  • Transfer Funds (*833*3#)
  • Hotlist Card
  • Update your BVN (*833*5#) – Coming Soon
  • Check your Balance (*833*6#)
  • Pay with MasterPass (*833*7#)
  • Airtime Top-up
    Buy Airtime for yourself: Dial *833*AMOUNT#
  • Buy Airtime for others or yourself: Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER#
  • Transfer Funds: Dial *833*AMOUNT*ACCOUNTNUMBER#

Zenith Bank transfer code

Zenith USSD code for transfer is *966# and you can easily transfer from Zenith Bank to other banks in Nigeria. To complete your Zenith mobile banking, you are to dial the following code:

  • Open account: *966*0#
  • Check account balance: *966*00#
  •  Top-up your airtime: *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • To transfer funds: Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# then follow the on-screen prompts.
  •  Update your BVN: *966*BVN#
  • Reset PIN: *966*60#
  • Deactivate mobile banking: *966*20*0#
  • Pay DStv and PHCN: *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
  • Pay other Zenith Billers: *966*6*Biller code*Amount#

Wema bank transfer code

The official transfer code for Wema bank is *945# and you can complete other necessary commands such as:

  • Buy Airtime: *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Send Money: *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
  •  Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Get your Account Number: *945*000#
  • Open Account: *945*1#
  • change account umber: *945*2*oldaccountnumber*newaccountnumber#
  •  Account Reactivation: *945*5#
    *. Send Money to phone/email: *945*6*amount#

Fidelity USSD code for transfer

Fidelity transfer code is *770#, and it can be used to complete the following transaction:

*. Self-recharge: Dial *770*AMOUNT#
*. Recharge For A Friend Or Family: Dial *770*PHONE*AMOUNT#
*. To transfer funds: Dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#


If you have careful gone through this article on  All Bank transfer codes in Nigeria then am sure you now know your bank code and can carry out transaction from the comfort of your home all you just need is the phone number linked to your bank account.  If you have questions or contributions, please drop them at the comment box.

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