Important tips you should know before using facebook, twitter to complain about bad product and service.

Do and Don't to follow before using facebook, twitter to complain about bad product and service

Social media like twitter and facebook have become a necessity for many of us. They help us stay connected to family friend and loved ones. Complains about bad goods and services have envoled from sending letters to companies about the issue to voicing it out on their social media platform. I will be giving you tips( Do’s and don’t) you should know before you complain about bad product and service on social media.

Tagging companies on these social media platforms or posting on their official accounts is a common practice to escalate an issue and seek due attention from the brand, it also has its own dangers (if not done properly).

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Do’s and Don’t when laying complain on social media about bad product and service

Below are Do’s and Don’t that you need to follow when

  • Always use verified customer care numbers and email IDs registered on a company’s official website to lodge a complaint
  • Use direct messaging service of Facebook, Twitter and other social media website to file a complaint this way your conversation can be private.
  • Use appropriate and verified social media handles of the company while complaining on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform look for the blue tick verification badge on the page this is very essential to avioid landing in scammer nest.
  • Do not share your personally identifiable information like email IDs on social media platforms.
  •  Do not entertain a call/message unless you are sure about the genuineness of the representative.
  • Avoid putting up your personal contact number on social media in such cases

The social media is a platform used by everyone so you need to be careful when carry any activity on it to avoid getting into unsafe hands. I hope this article on tips you should know before  you complain about bad product and service have been resourceful to you.

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