How To Retrieve your Airtel SIM via SMS

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A Misplaced or damaged SIM is usually a very painful especially when the SIM is connected to your bank account or your academics. But I have got good news for you as you can now retrieve your sim without leaving your house. In this article we shall be going through how to retrieve your lost Airtel SIM using SMS or Airtel self care.

Before starting the process of  your SIM retrieval there are some requirements  you need to have.

Requirements for retrieval

  • Purchase a new welcome back Airtel Sim (you can buy from the closest dealer)
  • The sim pack of the stolen or damaged sim.
  • The serial number of the old and new Airtel Sim (you can obtain this via the sim pack)
  • A fully charged phone to avoid disruption during the retrieval processes.
  • The PUK number of the stolen, damaged sim and that of the welcome back sim.
  • Finally, the number of the new sim.
    Requirements for SIM retrieval

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How to retrieve your Airtel SIM via SMS

After possessing all the necessary requirements mentioned above then you can proceed to this step

To retrieve your Airtel SIM via SMS simply send  Yourname (space) contact number (space) old sim serial number (space) new sim serial number (space) old sim PUK number (space) new sim PUK number (space) mobile number of the new sim to  “190”.

After 24 hours call Airtel customer care to confirm the retrieval of your SIM. Keep all information presented on the process are handy because you might be engaged in a security conversation with the customer care client.

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How to retrieve your Airtel SIM via
Airtel Self Care portal

The Airtel self-care portal enables all Airtel customers to perform all activities.This method requires detailed procedures..


  • Airtel welcome back Sim
  • Three frequently called numbers
  • Your last recharge amount
  • Sim pack of the lost, damaged sim card.

To retrieve SIM via Airtel self care portal follow the steps below

Step 1: Get a new Airtel welcome back sim or if you have any Airtel line that has never been inserted into a phone.

Step 2: You will have to register on the Airtel self-care portal. You can do that here. Please note that only SIMs registered already in this portal can be retrieved.

Step 3: If you are already registered, proceed to the portal, navigate and click on the Sim swap icon on the portal. Fill the necessary spaces presented.

Once the form is submitted successfully, the old sim will be blocked and within 24hrs, your sim will be ready for use.

I believe you now know how to retrieve your Airtel SIM from the comfort of your house. Don’t forget to leave a comment through our comment section below and also try as much as possible to share this post with your friends on various social media platforms


  1. My Airtel Sim was stolen along side with my phone during April,and I wasn’t able to retrieve it because of the lockdown,now I want to retrieve it because it’s very it possible

  2. they stole my phone since last three (3) weeks and i went for retrieving of the line two (2) weeks ago, yet is steel not working, i dont have the pack but i have my NIN number and affidavit which i gave to them. it is steel not working.

  3. Hello, When I want to register on the platform. I was ask to input my number to get a pass code and the number is lost. How can I register to get the pass code? I’ve gotten the new sim pack.

  4. I don’t even know if the Airtel itself is a registered company.How can someone lost his sim and the so called Airtel cannot do sim swapping like others.?
    Quiet unfortunate,I had to reach them at their so called office at lkorodu to officially block it
    All of you don’t know what you are doing,from the first person to the last l was on 08023623181 before now.
    I ha

  5. Please I used this airtel line to open and email but the line has been stoled with my phone but I don’t have the pack again what should I do, cos I need to write exam on the email but I can’t access it please help me

  6. I can’t get the old pack of my aitel line n I used d line for my Npower how do I write d exam without the line am deperately in need of d line n aitel is telling after 3 months vthey can’t retrieve d line again n npower is sending me messages on d lost simcard what shd I do oooo am devastated aitel help me ooooooh

  7. My dad sim card got lost last year April. I do I retrieve it.i have his and my own nin but I don’t have the sim pack.

  8. My dad sim card got lost last year April. How I do I retrieve it.i have his and my own nin but I don’t have the sim pack.

  9. Pls I left forgot my kyc details 😟 ….. And I lost my Airtel Sim….is there any way I can get my sim back without d use of kyc???

  10. I need to urgently retrieve my registered airtel line that i discarded for years due to theft. My Facebook account linked to it was hacked few days ago and s code for its retrieval is being sent to the airtel line which i cannot access.
    Please i need to know how to reclaim my line back, ASAP.

  11. I didn’t register my sim before it got lost. But I have the Sim pack and my nin. Will it be possible to retrieve it if I should go to Airtel office?


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