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Glo is often times referred to as the grand master of Data in Nigeria  because they offer large volume of data at cheaper prices irrespective of this they also have different tarrif plans to suit different categories of customers. In this article we shall be going through all Glo tariff plans and their migration codes.

Glo Bounce

Glo bounce is a tarrif plan for customers that makes a lot of calls as Glo to Glo calls cost 11k/sec while Glo to other networks cost 15K/sec. Glo bounce also rewards customer with 15 MB for every N200 recharge and also free ring back tunes. SMS are charged at N3 on Glo bounce.

How to migrate to Glo Bounce

To migrate to Glo bounce Dail *170*4#

Glo 11k/sec

Glo 11k/sec tarrif plan is best for international calls although similar to the Glo bounce as this plan offers 11k/sec to Glo subscribers and 15k/sec to other mobile networks. The difference is that the plan call rate at 15k/s applies to 30 countries like the Us, Uk, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Japan, Norway and much more. One demerit about the Glo 11k/sec is that a fee of N5 is charged daily  and is deducted from your balance even if you don’t make a call.

How to migrate to Glo 11k/sec

To migrate simply Dail *211#

Glo infinito

The Glo infinito is best for people who Often call friends and family. No need to burning your airtime as you can now register 10 of your friend and family on the Glo infinito plan. This tarrif plan charges 22k/sec to call the 10 numbers on friends and family.

How To Migrate to Glo Infinito Tariff:

To migrate to Glo infinito Simply Dial *100*9*2#

How to Add 10 frequent Called Contacts:

To add your 10 friends and family on Glo infinito Dial *101*9*2#

Glo jollific8

Glo jollific8 offers 800% bonus on every recharge. That is for N100 Recharge gets you N800 + 10MB and N200 Recharge offers N1600 + 25MB. Glo jollific8 call rate is a bit high as it is 67k/sec.


Glo IDD also known as Glo international direct dialing is the perfect plan for users that make calls abroad. Although the 11k/s tariff would suffice, the Glo IDD packs is dedicated for international calls which you would find more suitable for your budget.

While the 11k/s plan offers 15k/s call rates, Glo IDD packs edges the it with the juicy offer of 11k/S to five international destinations plus an additional 14k/s to 25 international destinations.

The Glo IDD Packs Top International Countries

The following countries have be accredited as the top five countries you could make calls to at 11k/s rate.

  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • United states of America
  • United Kingdom

Glo IDD Packs 25 International Call Destinations

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • French Guiana.
  • Guatemala
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong.
  • Israel
  • Luxemborg
  • Malta
  • Mongolia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Reunion Island.
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • South Africa.
  • South Korea.
  • Sweden
  • Spain

Glo Amebo

Glo Amebo is not like a normal tarrif plan is more of a bonus code platform.
Glo Amebo offers you 5times of every recharge. To recharge for Glo Amebo use *555*recharge pin #.

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Glo Berekete Tariff Plan 

Glo berekete is one of the recent Glo tariff plans. It a step up from the Glo yakata.  Glo berekete offers times 7 of every recharge example A Recharge of #100 gives you #700 bonus where 400 is for voice calls to any network and 300 is for data. Calls made from the main account balance are charged at 36k/sec, Calls made from the voice bonus accounts are charged at 77k/sec, SMS will charged from your main account at a standard SMS rate of N4

To migrate to Glo berekete dail *230#

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There you have it a complete list of all Glo tariff plans and migration codes to suit different categories of customers. Tell us your current and the one you would love to migrate to in the comment box below. If you encounter any difficulty while migrating to a new tarrif plan let us know in the comment box.



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