MTN Hynetflex – Here is Everything you need to know

MTN Hynetflec plans

HyNetflex is MTN’s broadband internet service and it is ideal for small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) ,small office Home office (SoHo),Home userH and heavy data users (video streaming, gaming, etc. In this article is a complete guide on everything you need to know about MTN Hynetflex plans.

Benefit of MTN Hynetflex

HyNetflex allows users to enjoy the following benefits, among others:

• 100% data bonus for the first 3 months of activating the service

• Connect anywhere across the country, in 3G and 4G coverage areas, at superfast speeds

• Connect multiple users from a single router

•Activate flexible data plans that suit your needs

Stream, upload and download with ease

How much is MTN Hynetflex

MTN Hynet flex 4G+ router cost a token fee of 25000. You will also be given a 120GB on this first purchase.

MTN Hynetflex Data plans

There are various plans available on HynetFlex. Here is a list of them.

1. 12GB at the cost of 4000 valid for 30days

2. 25GB at the cost of 8000 valid for 30days

3. 45GB at the cost of 11000 valid for 30days

4. 100GB at the cost of 18000 valid for 30days

5. 160GB at the cost of 25000 valid for 30days

6. 280GB at the cost of 36000 valid for 60days

7. 360GB at the cost of 45000 valid for 90days

8. 800GB at the cost of 90000 valid for 180days

9. 1.5TB at the cost of 150000 valid for 365 days

How to Manage your Hynetflex Account

There are two ways of managing your MTN Hynet flex which are my MTN app or MTN data portal

Using the MTN Data Portal

In order to use the MTN Data portal to manage your Hynetflex i.e register and update your details, all you have to do is follow this easy processes.

•Login to with your MTN phone number and select either “alternate number” or “email address” for OTP receipt.

• Upon login, update your alternative phone number and email address (applicable only to first-time users).

• The details you provide in step 3 above will be used to engage you on subsequent notifications.

• You can link your primary phone number with your HyNetflex number on the “Add Number” tab.

• You will be required to supply the OTP received on the number being linked. Once done, the new number profile is created and the linking is completed. You can then switch to the number you wish to manage and subscribe to data bundles.

Using MyMTN App

• In order to use the MyMTN App to manage your Hynetflex i.e register and update your details, all you have to do is follow this easy processes.

• Download MyMTN App from your device’s online store.

• Login and go to the menu page to Add Number to your existing primary number.

• Insert your HyNetflex number as the secondary number to be linked to your primary number.

• Confirm the linking by inserting the OTP received on the secondary number.

• Switch account to the HyNetflex number

How to subscribe for MTN Hynetflex plans

You can subscribe for MTN Hynet flex data plans using MTN Data portal and My MTNapp

To Subscribe to Data Bundles Using MYMTN App

• Open MYMTN app

• login to your Hynet flex account

• You can buy data bundles at the bottom menu of the app.

To Subscribe to Data Bundles Using MTN Data Portal

• Set up your Hynet flex account using MTN Data portal

• Scroll down to the bottom of the portal.

• Click “Router/Business Plans.”

• Select a data plan of your choice.

How to Renew your Hynetflex Subscription

These are the 6 Steps to Renew your HyNet subscription:

Plug in your modem

Go to Log on with your username and password (username can be found in your modem manual. Default password is the MAC address found on the base of your modem)

Click on “Recharge Account” on the left side functional menu tab

Enter your 12 digits recharge PIN and click “Submit”

Once you have recharged your account, click on “Select Service” on the left side functional menu tab

Select the service you wish to subscribe, click “Submit”

Now you can browse

How to Get MTN Hynetflex

Here are the 5 Steps to Get MTN HyNet:

  1. Visit the nearest MTN Walk-In Centre
  2. Confirm that your place of use is within MTN HyNet coverage area
  3. Complete the MTN HyNet Order form and attach all the required documents
  4. Make payment in cash for subscription plan of your choice
  5. Plug your modem; follow the simple steps to install and you are up and running in no time. It’s Plug ‘n’ play.

Note: If an Outdoor modem has been recommended, an engineer will be available to complete your installation  within 48 hours.

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Here you have it a complete article on everything you need to know about MTN Hynetflex. If you have in need of Hynetflex Kindly follow the procedure above and get yours. Tell us how this article have been of help to you in the comment box below.


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