How To Migrate to Glo Berekete ||Glo Berekete Migration Code

How to migrate to Glo berekete

Berekete is a Nigerian pidgin word meaning Excess in English. Glo Berekete is a prepaid tarrif plan recently launched  by Globacom company to replace Glo yakata. It is available to both new and existing customers. Here is a complete guide on How to migrate to Glo berekete tarrif plan and how to check bonus.

How to Migrate to Glo Berekete

All new customers who are less than four months old on the network will get berekete by default. As for old customer you can migrate using a short code.

The migration code for Glo berekete is *230#

Therefore to migrate to berekete:
• Dail *230# on your mobile phone

Bonus Data and Airtel volume for Glo Berekete

Berekete tariff plan offers a welcome bonus of N600 to all new subscribers. New customers also enjoy 100% bonus on all data plans for the first four months. It also offers a bonus of 700% on every recharge.

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The amount of bonuses varies with the amount of airtime recharged. Here is a list of Glo Berekete bonuses and the amount of airtime you need to get them.

1. A Recharge of #100 gives you #700 bonus where 400 is for voice calls to any network and 300 is for data.

2 . A Recharge of #200 gives you #1400 bonus where 800 is for voice calls to any network and 600 is for data.

3.A Recharge of #300 gives you #2100 bonus where 1200 is for voice calls to any network and 900 is for data.

4.A Recharge of #500 gives you #3500 bonus where 2000 is for voice calls to any network and 1500 is for data.

5. A Recharge of #1000 gives you #7000 bonus where 4000 is for voice calls to any network and 3000 is for data.

Note: Glo Berekete bonus is not added to your main account balance.

How to check Glo Berekete bonus:

To check Glo berekete call bonus, simply dial *230*1#.

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Glo Berekete Call Rate

• Calls made from the main account balance are charged at 36k/sec

• Calls made from the voice bonus accounts are charged at 77k/sec

• SMS will charged from your main account at a standard SMS rate of N4

How To Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe or opt out of the Glo Berekete tariff plan, you are required to migrate to another Glo tariff plan.
Your subscription to the Glo Berekete tariff plan will be terminated, as soon as your migration to the new plan is successful.

Berekete Bonus Validity period

All bonuses are valid for 7 days. So, make sure you use up all the bonuses before the next 7 days after your recharge.

There you have it a complete guide on how to migrate to Glo Berekete and all you need to know about this amazing new tarrif plan. Tell us how this article have been resourceful to you or  in case you encounter any difficulty in migrating let us in the comment section below.


  1. Good afternoon Obi, please I want to migrate from berekete to yakata that I was using before, but can’t do it now after using the code *220#. Can you assist please.

    • Good day Emmanuel if your Glo SIM isn’t up to 3 months or you were on the Glo yakata platform you will be automatically migrated to berekete but if the SIM is more than 3 months and you are on a different tarrif plan then you need to migrate and enjoy these benefits

  2. I feel cheated. I just migrated to Brekete tariff few days ago and subscribe 1000 and later used for data and I was not given bonus.

  3. I don’t understand this Brekete tariff. I recharged 1000 no bonus and when I was to check my bonus with *230#, they begin to tell me your yakata voice call is 00. Are my still in yakata tariff? My phone number 09057458740

  4. I’m trying to migrate from glo 11 kobo plan to glo brekete but it’s not working i have tried the code *230# more than 4 times but it’s not migrating


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