How to Activate MTN WhoDeyCall Services

How to activate MTN WhoDeyCall service

How MTN WhoDeyCall is a new service that shows who is calling you. It reveals the caller’s name as a pop-up message before you pick the call. In this article we shall be going through a complete guide on how to activate MTN WhoDeyCall service.

MTN WhoDeyCall is similar to the internet
based trucaller the advantage here is that it works without the internet and it works on all devices. The name of the caller will still pop up even though you don’t have the said number stored on your phone.

How to Activate MTN WhoDeyCall Services

You can subscribe by dialing *5058# or via SMS by sending some specific  opt-in keywords to 5058

• WhoDeyCall daily : send SC1 to 5058 for a fee of N5 valid for one day

• WhoDeyCall weekly: send SC2 to 5058 for N30 valid for 7days.

• WhoDeyCall Monthly : send SC3 to 5058 for N50 valid for 30days.

• WhoDeyCall Free: Send Free to 5058 valid for 7days.

The Free trial is one off. Users who already enjoy free trial will be charged N30 per week on sending free to 5058 again.

 MTN WhoDeyCall Services Rate

MTN WhoDeyCall service charges  N5 for their daily subscription , N30 for it weekly subscription and N50 for it Monthly subscription

An active WhoDeyCall subscriber, you can update/modify your name at no extra cost by texting  <NAME> <Space> <Preferred Name> to 5058.

Here you have it a complete guide on how to activate MTN WhoDeyCall Service and everything you need to know about MTN WhoDeyCall. Let us know if you are going Try this new  service.




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