How to Enable WhatApp Dark Mode


The long awaited WhatApp Dark mode feature is finally available for Android you can now manually set dark mode for WhatApp. On Tuesday 3rd of March 2020 WhatApp officially launched this dark mode feature with it latest app update. In this article I will be showing you how to Enable WhatApp Dark mode. This feature lowers the brightness of the screen as well as improves contrast. It eases the stress of reading text on WhatsApp.

How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp

  • Firstly download the latest  WhatApp update on Google Play store or Apple’s App Store
  • Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen. Tap the action overflow menu (three vertical dots in the top right corner).
  • Hit Settings.
  • Select Chats. Choose Themes. In the Choose Theme dialog box, select Dark.
  • The interface will switch to dark theme.

How to enable WhatApp Dark mode

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With these steps listed above you can now Enable  WhatApp Dark mode feature on your device anytime and you can also disable the feature with ease.


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