Fungus headphones


Fungus earphones is one of the most ground breaking  invention in recent times. We are not interested now in the functionality of the earphone in terms of sound frequency, Bluetooth power, but rather what it is made of ?
FUNGUS  are eukaryotic organism typically having chitin cell walls but no chlorophyll or plastids example are yeast and bacteria.
Mushrooms and lots of microbs are sources of this fungus.
Nina pulkkis and a team of scientist  and designers in Finland ventured into this project. Their names include
Nina pulkkis    The  documentry filmakers
Geza szilvary  The  research professor
Merja pentillis    The designer
Manuel arias barrates  The designer
Pezhman mohammadi The  researcher
Suku sysio   The designer

Below this article  is a video on how Nina and her team produces this amazing headphone.


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