Adidas Turns Plastic Bottles to shoes


Plastic tend to form major sediment in the ocean due to its inability to be easily recycled. Researcher says that in 30years there will be more plastic and fish in our ocean.
Adidas a fashion company is presently working on using a different source in making shoes this source is plastic bottles.
In 2015 Adidas partnered with a Parley in other to convert plastic bottles into shoe reducing plastic Pollution. Adidas says it will make 11 million pairs shoes from recycled plastic this year.
This partnership between adidas and parley have prevented 280010 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean bed.
Here is a video on how Adidas those these tremendous innovation.

Next time you wear an Adidas shoe you maybe wearing a recycled plastic bottle  (Lol).
Unique and surprising innovation envelope each day and this is awesome!
Here at Ogbongetech will continue to update you  with these innovation


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